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The Government of the Federation of St. Kitts ans Nevis offers citizenship to persons of economic means who are desirous of taking advantage of their economic citenzenship program, provided for in the Citizenship Act 1984. For this program the governmant has decided that an investment of USD250,000 in an approved business or real estate qualifies one for this purpose.

To protect an applicants interest an agreement to purchase real estate can be made subject to the Minister's of Government approval of the citizenship application.

Government fees in respect of citizenship per registration are as follows:

  1. USD 35,000 or its equivalent in EC dollars for the Head of Household
    (male or female) or any other adult.
  2. USD 15,000 or its equivalent in EC dollars for either spouse.
  3. USD 15,000 or its equivalent in EC dollars for each child under the 18 years.
  4. USD 35,000 or its equivalent in EC dollars for each adult family member.

The cost of background checks for each applicant over the age of 18 is USD 2,000

All of the above fees must be made payable to the Accountant General and submitted at the Ministry of National Security.

Application for Citizenship [Download here]

Citizenship Letter

Our Services

  • Assistance in selecting a qualify investment.
  • Obtaining application forms and assistance with completing the same.
  • Filing the citizenship application.
  • Liaison with the respective government official and notification of the application results
  • Filing of passport application for asuccessful applicant.
  • Delivery of passport and citizenship certificate by courier.

Our fees are USD3,000.00 per applicant.

Re-invoicing Services

Our re-invoicing services can assist international business and global traders with a reduction in the amount of taxes payable on his invoices, collectibles and trade receivables.

Invoices, collectibles and accounts receivables can be transfered or assigned to one of our offshore companies for collection and disbursement to the clients bank accounts where ever designated.

(See our fee Schedule Item 19, for our cost.)

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