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Procedure for secure credit cards

The credit cards we offer come from the Bank of Nevis and the SKNA National Bank Ltd. The cards are issued binomo by the Caribbean Credit Card Corporation.

[ Download the Bank of Nevis Credit Card Application here ]

The procedure and rules are very simple and the application forms are bulky, so it
is impossible to send by fax or email. We propose to deal with each applications on
a one to one basis.

Here are the categories and the requirements :-

  1. Classic Card up to USD4,950 - USD 85
  2. Gold Card - Usd 5,000 and above - USD 100
  3. Corporate Card Unlimited - USD 150

The Bank also charges annually USD250 for maintenance of all corporate
accounts. Interest per annum - 18%.

The Bank gives credit up to 80% of your fixed deposit in each category,
depending on the binomo website client.

The minimum payment due on any account is 8.3% of the outstanding balance
on the account or USD20.00 which ever shall be greater.

The payment due date is at least 20 days from the end of the current
billing period if the entire balance is paid by the due date.

Payment can be made directly to the Bank of Nevis and the SKNA National Bank Ltd or mail directly to the Caribbean Credit Card Corp. or if you prefer the AFM Services Group can do this service for you at a small negotiable fee (please call to discuss).

The processing period for a credit card is about 21 days, this depends on
the completion of the application form.

Our fees for obtaining binomo trade a credit card is USD450 per card / application.

Please feel free to contact us, should you require our further assistance.

Best regards, looking forward to doing business with you.


M. Irvin Boncamper
Business Development Director

For more information, please contact our offices:  
The Rose Building, No. 6 Rosemary Lane, Basseterre, St.Kitts | Tel: (869) 465-4459 | Send Email